GoDigital Media Networks, LLC is the Daytona area’s largest private, locally owned, digital signage network. We are an advertising based Digital Signage Network serving businesses in North Eastern Volusia County Florida encompassing the Greater Daytona Area along the Atlantic Coastline from Ormond Beach to Port Orange. Since February 2010, GoDigital Media has been operating its Out-of-Home Advertising Network in Gyms, Restaurants and other high traffic venues.

Digital Signage is a form of electronic display advertising which conveys information, advertising, and other messages. Advertising using digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which video content may be displayed on television screens with a goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations and/or consumers at specific times. Digital out of home advertising has many advantages in helping businesses brand to consumers where they work, shop, dine, and play. This Medium is a cost effective form of advertising because viewership is captive and the viewer cannot turn it off, turn the channel, or tune it out. Digital Mediums are quickly replacing traditional forms of communication such as newspapers and magazines.

GoDigital Media started with 5 locations in which the network was displayed and currently has nearly 40 venues and a core staff of 6 working in Sales, Graphic Design, Network Integrity, and Network Management. Our staff is constantly improving our offerings to local business owners and managers. Simultaneously, we have been able to improve our market position as the least expensive way for a community business to get its message to a very broad market. We specialize in building “Top of Mind Awareness” for our advertiser’s current and future customers. Our broad market approach also works well in support of other forms of advertising being utilized by our advertisers.

Digital Signage is very effective and memorable. According to a study of the industry by Arbitron, 70% of consumers recall seeing digital place-based video and 47% had specific ad recall. Digital Signage is not only visible but has shown an effect on purchase patterns with nearly 20% of survey respondents saying the video ad they saw on a digital signage network influenced their purchasing decision. Locally, we receive regular reports from our advertisers regarding feedback and effectiveness of our network.

Our network is checked on a regular basis, several times per month to maintain operability and network integrity. Each venue receives intermittent, unannounced visits by our staff to make sure that the digital signs are in good working order and playing the appropriate ads for the venue. We constantly cull non-performing venues from our network. In the past year, we have labeled 20% of our network as non-performing and have replaced those venues with one of higher traffic count and appropriate display time probability.

Even while culling ineffective locations, we have continued to grow our network at a rate of over 40% over the past year.

To aid our client’s, advertising across our entire platform, in tracking the effectiveness and ROI of our advertising medium, we include certain value added products with our network service. The applications of our value added services are vast, but, consist mostly of a basic Mobile Website/Smartphone App, SMS Keyword Texting, MMS Messaging, Coupon Texting and the ability to build a “Text Club”. These services can be marketed in our client’s advertisement on our network or in other forms of advertising the client is pursuing. Client databases can also be uploaded to our text and messaging platform.

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