Advertiser Benefits

  1. Identify Advertising lets people know you’re in business. It conveys your business name and the type of products or services you offer.
  2. Reach out A big example of the benefits of advertising is bringing potential customers to your business who might otherwise never know you exist.
  3. Special sales and promotions can be advertised that get people’s attention. Perhaps someone has been thinking about getting a new mattress, and when they learn about your store having a sale, it could be just the incentive they need to make a purchase.
  4. “Word of mouth” is said to be one of the best forms of advertising, and it’s true. A satisfied customer will often tell others of their experience, which can result in future sales. Advertising on our monitors can start the conversation.
  5. Seasonal Promotions We can change your ad periodically to inform consumers of your specialty items or seasonal products.
  6. Confidence Business owners often don’t realize that one of the benefits of advertising is making potential customers feel more confident in a business they see advertised. It gives them the sense that the business is professional, stable and reputable.
  7. Blitz Every time you watch a football game on TV, you’ll see beer advertisements. These companies are huge, and they have plenty of customers, but their goal is to keep their products’ names in front of consumers. If you see a commercial for a certain candy bar dozens of times, the next time you’re in a convenience store and see that candy bar, you’re more likely to buy one.
  8. Consistency A business that stops advertising may give the impression that the business is out of business. When people see a business advertise for a long period of time and then stop, they may get the false impression that the business is no longer there, even though it is still open. Consistent advertising yields the best results.
  9. Invest Another of the benefits of advertising that many businesses don’t realize is that it takes money to make money. An old saying in the marketing industry is “Advertising doesn’t cost, it pays.” Sometimes you have to invest money to make money, and advertising should be an investment that is included in a business’s annual budget.
  10. Local – Digital signage solutions  give businesses the ability to reach their local market and build loyalty, brand awareness, enrich customer experience, and drive long-term bottom-line results.
  11. Repetition – Ad shows 4-6 times per hour in each venue.
  12. Coverage – Your Ad seen by over 100,000 viewers per month in the local market.
  13. Updates – Your Ad can be regularly updated or changed at no or minimal cost.